Product Management Tools Landscape

Many product organizations fly by the seat of their pants — using spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations to manage their entire process.   However, there are more and more great tools for Product Management organizations to leverage across the spectrum of activities they are involved in.

Below is a landscape of these tools.  At the center are those that are designed specifically for product managers.   Surrounding them, are all the tools related to product work.  Depending on the particulars of the product, industry, and how the organization is designed and scaled up, these may or may not apply to all PMs.

However, it is useful for everyone to understand the ecosystem of products that help identify opportunities, bring solutions to life, and get them to market successfully.


If you have categories I have missed or specific products that are popular and missing, please send me a note.   Some of the categories may get broken down over time as well. I would love to hear feedback on how this could be more usable.

Otherwise, enjoy and feel free to reuse with my attribution.

Enjoy! Sean