For those that want to do some independent research, discover training organizations, and connect with other product professionals, we have put together a few useful resources to get you started on your journey.

Product Management Tools

Many product organizations fly by the seat of their pants — using spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations to manage their entire process.   However, the space for tools built for PMs is becoming more crowded in the last few years.

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Product Marketing & Management Organizations

Surprisingly, there are not too many significant PM/PMM member associations out there.  Many regional ones have been started but failed to keep active after a while so I am not listing those here.  Only mature and active associations that tend to offer the most member benefits and resources.

Many of these provide meetings, events, peer and academic research, as well as varied types of training with certifications.

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Training and Conferences

Major training organizations for PM/PMMs.  Each has their own approach to the discipline.  Some may work better for specific industries and types orgs than others.

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Online communities offer an easy way for both aspiring and seasoned product management professionals to connect and share ideas, lessons learned, and stimulate ongoing development of best practices.  

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