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Announcing Product Stride Consulting

A focused product consulting service for RegTech and FinTech companies.

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Announcing Product Stride, a product consultancy based on the skills and experience of Sean Sullivan focused on the RegTech and FinTech markets. I have tallied a career of 20 years in various product management and product marketing with a major focus on delivering enterprise solutions to Financial Services Organizations across the globe. Now, as I embark on product consulting, my intent is to focus my expertise where I can add the most immediate value to technology companies at various stages of their life.

Industry Focus

While I have no doubt in my ability to adapt my experience to new and tangential industries, I have decided that the greatest value I can provide my clients is to not only impart my generalized product expertise, but also leverage those areas where I have the deepest domain expertise to supercharge the value of my services. While this necessarily narrows the focus on my business opportunities, I believe that the market is deep enough or a robust business.

Specific B2B enterprise software companies I can best serve:

Business MaturityStartup
Growth Stage
IndustriesFinancial Technology (FinTech)
Regulatory Technology (RegTech)
Product CategoriesAnalytics Platforms
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solutions
Business Intelligence Technologies
Financial Crime and Compliance
Alert Management, Case Management, and BPM
Geographical ReachGlobal
Deployment/Delivery ModelsOn-Premise
Cloud (Hosted/SaaS/PaaS)

Services Focus

As with the industry focus, I also have a focus on the services I will provide. This is not because I do not want to help my clients succeed by coordinating events or managing their social media content, but these are not the types of activities where I will provide the greatest value.

Here is the initial list of services I will be offering and it will certainly be adjusted over time. For the latest list with more details I encourage you to either visit my Services page or contact me directly.

– Product Strategy
– Product/Business Positioning
– Extended Product Organization Design & Development
– Market Intelligence
– Inbound Product Marketing
– Product Tools and Processes
– Pre M&A: External Product Due Diligence
– Post M&A: PMI Product & Product Org Strategy
– OEM Advisory and Process Support

You will find in me, a dedicated partner, committed to providing professional and high quality advice and work product at all times. If you wish to contact me please us the contact form or reach me via LinkedIn. If you simply wish to comment and offer your support, you can do that in the comments.

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